• Oh what a March!

    Sunday, April 4, 2010

    Well Hello again…

    Today has been a beautiful day. I am hearing sounds of joy fluttering up through my ‘House of Dreams’ my little girls laughing in the presence of their recently returned Daddy. All our hearts are fully content once again. With my ladies occupied in play I have slipped away to catch up with all of you. It has been one incredible month. I can never seem to understand how/why Roger and I attempt such craziness! March 2010 I pray will be my busiest month…ever…in my whole life! It was wild, let me take you on a small fraction of the joy ride and truly it was a Joyful Wild Ride!

    Roger and I arrived in Canada and spent the four days he was on home soil packing and cleaning our ‘city’ home, only to realize we had some cosmetic renovations to do before it was market ready. We took possession of our new home. Which is lovelier then we could have imagined. Roger was only at our ‘House of Dreams’ for forty-five minutes before he raced back to Africa, leaving me with his chequebook and a long list of renovations needed at the new house. My Dad, older brother and sweet KateLynn May (my little sis) arrived in Calgary to take on the task of translating my dreams for my country home into tangible construction! And what a job they did! They put in a couple hundred-man hours and contracted out a couple extra hundred. They accomplished this all in two-weeks!

    While I masterminded the madness at the ‘House of Dreams’, I also organised, started and completed renovations at our city home and then staged that home for sale, raised my little ladies, grew my Bebe, visited with my sweet friends and family! Then when renos were completed and the dust had settled I polished and furnished my sweet ‘House of Dreams’ all with the wonderful approaching anticipation of having Roger return to see what I had done to our new home. He really had no idea what was taking place and asked very little questions, letting me run with my dreams! I only just got internet this week so I was not even able to send him photos along the journey. What a trusting Husband! After he walked the grand tour he kissed me so sweetly and said “It is so you, It is so us…It’s our house of dreams, thank you for all the work you did!” Is he not the best? I fell in love with him all over again!

    Now it is Easter Sunday, a new and fresh spring week. Last month is done; all that was accomplished still amazes me. And now I am home, delightfully home in the most beautiful of places! My heart is full. I have so many more little stories to share with you and I still need to take pictures of the completed work.

    But for now here are some dusty, hazy, captured the moment, pictures taken by my sister who noticed I was so busy my camera was not even touched and went and took these pictures for me.

    The first glimmer of progress!

    We bought all the furniture for the house used and refinished it. What a job! Finished product pictures coming soon...

    Happy Easter to you and welcome April month!