• Mission Nest...Complete!

    Monday, April 26, 2010

    Remember the nesting instincts that kicked in last week. Fierce they were and fiercer yet was my gumption to a gather and tuck everything safely away in the babies room! I am now capable of sleeping peacefully knowing the room is ready, the clothing washed and sweet, the swaddling blankets are made giving me goosebumps of joy. Soon I will have the intense maternal contentment to lay my little guy in his space. Knowing in my heart everything was prepared with life's most perfect anticipation. Every little thing I made or did in his room initiated a pray, a prayer of joy, gratitude, safety, love, hopes, future. I feel as though my heart is similar to that of what my womb goes through, with each child it carries it adapts perfectly for that child. Able to stretch and grow and change and carry the weight of every emotion known to man kind, personalized for that child alone. It is the truest of miracles. I am blessed!

    Now on to his room...first I must explain that my camera is being frisky and I am still trying to figure out it's bad behaviour, now that my nesting is under control I will be getting it fixed! My black bling is not picking up the colour I want, so these pictures are not showing the vibrancy of the room...to bad!

    I also need to explain the incredible crib that is now stimulating every happy spot I have in my mind...After leaving and grieving the crib I saw while in Holland behind, I whined and complained about it for weeks (months really) to Roger, who reassured me something else would come up. Well much to my joy and Roger's 'I told you so' joy. I found this crib used for two-hundred dollars just blocks from my Canadian home! The bed set my dear friend gave to me while I was expecting Marion (KatieJane that was truly a gift that keeps on giving!)
    The little wooden train was given to my older brother when he was a babe by a relative in Holland. My mother kindly gave it up to me. The train was the source of inspiration for the room. I already had the dresser and wardrobe. I refinished both while I was dating Roger, it is kinda fun now that we can use it for our son in the making. The very whimsical pictures were from a calender I saved from years ago, always hoping to one day use the pictures in a boys room. I found the frames on a discount table for a couple bucks a piece! Above the bed I got an awesome wooden red and blue airplane mobile from Pottery Barn...major sale price though! Roger hung it up for me before he returned to Africa but the girls managed to pull it down, hook and all! The room cost under four hundred dollars. I am so happy with it. I find my self wishfully gazing around...waiting...waiting...waiting.

    I made these this week.

    Oh Sweet Boy!