• Ten years of love.

    Tuesday, December 29, 2009

    Ten Years ago yesterday, a handsome young man dressed in a suite and a blue shirt and tie that made his eyes look outstanding, took me out too a fancy dinner and asked me to be the love of his life. I gladly excepted!

    He says it is the best question he every asked.

    I say that yes was the wisest answer I ever gave.

    Last night the same person, just a decade older, gave me the most beautiful love letter.

    And after a long hunt in a few different import shops I was able to give him a kiwi, which is sentimental of the time we were falling in love.

    As we look back we see that love is the memory that stands out the strongest amongst all the advents of the decade we have shared! For that we are grateful to God for crossing our paths and to each other for being willing to grow and love, for the benefit of our relationship.