• A Dress for the Holiday

    Monday, December 21, 2009

    Today I offer you some some-what problematic photo's of my sweet girls in their new Christmas dresses. I say problematic because somehow I cropped each photo and now they are all different sizes; Davina would not hold still for a single second. I think she was in dancing mode with her twirly new skirt. I have hit the stage in my pregnancy where I am nothing but klutzy! So holding a camera still and trying to keep focused on a twirling two year old...these pictures were the best we could come up with!

    I do love how the dresses turned out, almost the way I pictured them in my head. In Europe there is a wonderful store called Monsoon. Every single thing that is in that store I would wear or dress my lovelies in. The down side to this perfect store is that Roger thinks for every bag I bring out of that shop his life has shortened by a year! Somehow that store seems to weaken his heart (for the worst)!!! This last time I was Europe they had the most wonderful little girl holiday dresses. I could have bought them all, but I managed to leave without one. I told myself I would take inspiration and desire home to my sewing machine...voila...the outcome. Not quite as perfect but close enough to save Roger from heart problems!

    I hope the only problem he has with his heart is that of falling more in love with his two holiday girls and his one leading lady willing to help him save some mulla...

    I hope your day is filled with beauty and maybe just a tad less klutz then mine!