• Another Tradition

    Monday, December 14, 2009

    My love for books is an essential part of who I am and what we love as a family. A few months back while I was sick and miserable my Mom gave me some wonderful suggestion’s to perk up my life. One of her ideas was to browse the Internet for nice Christmas books and to order a few of the ones I thought my family would love. Then as Christmas nears, bring out a new book in the evening and have a cosy reading time, by the twinkle of the lights. Not only was I excited about spending my hours of bed rest searching for books, the anticipation of a new book and package in the mail was good medicine…for my mind at least. Some have arrived and I am eagerly awaiting more. Here are a few of the ones that have come so far.

    A Small Miracle: My Mom told me about how this wordless book was impacting her young children and highly recommended it to me. It is a very moving book and brings you in contact with many of the delicate issues of life and living. After Marion studied this story a few times, she told me she was not sure how to feel when she read it. She said it makes her feel sad, happy, worried, grateful, tearful and amazed. Strong emotions from just a picture book...a must have for any family!

    My dear Brambly Hedge, perfected with the enchantment of Christmas time! A Poem from the pages of this story:
    " When the snows are lying deep,
    When the field has gone to sleep,
    When the blackthorn turns to white,
    And frosty stars bejewel the night,
    When summer streams are turned to ice,
    A Snow Ball warms the heart of mice.

    This simple story of a snowman seems to work magic on any child. I remember it's charm from my own childhood and it seems to be the same for my children. I have read this book everyday since we got it, the girls simply love it.

    I am sure I will post more as the rest of the books come in the mail.

    If you have a 'holiday' book that has meant something to you, please share with me! I am eager to fill this holiday with the things my family loves!

    I wish you a simple and sweet start to your week!