• December

    Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    The first of December seemed like the perfect day to break away from my reclusive state. Roger took us to London last week so I could see a mid-wife and get my pre-natal check ups all done. I was also on a desperado mission to get some anti-nausea drugs into my system! A month of vomiting and eating little more then toast and water were starting to wreak havoc on my health and strength! We landed in London and went straight to the clinic where we were greeted by a lovely mid-wife who took great care of me, in three hours I had my visit, blood work done, drugs in hand and the very best ultrasound we have every had. We have one beautiful baby who put quite the show on. The baby turned right towards us,waved,jumped sucked it's thumb. Healthy and perfect! I am fourteen weeks along which makes my due date June 2, my Dad and nephews birthday! A spring baby...

    Luckily I went to my appointments on the day I arrived because the following day I came down with a violent virus that literally took what little strength I had left in my system! I spent the whole time we were in London passed out in bed...I must say I am feeling pathetically sorry for myself! I think I might be on the ups, we are now in the city of my dreams...Amsterdam Holland. Though I have only had the strength to peek at the city through the window. I pray tomorrow my energy and health will have returned after months of absence. So there you have it...I have been sick...I am in Europe and now I must go to bed.

    Happy December my friends!

    Our June baby.

    The girls finding #1 on their advent calender's, snuggled in the bed of our very lovely hotel room.