• Pictures from the Caribou

    Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    This morning these pictures greeted me in my inbox. As always pictures excite me, especially when they are of the sweetest of my darling's...except for Kristopher...who can no longer be called 'sweetest' but rather 'studliest'! The little girls shirts and Josephine's dress along with Caleb's outfit were found while I was in France, I could not resist sending these frocks to them. I just knew that they would make the clothing look even cuter then they were!My Mom made the girls the skirts to perfect the outfits. Great job Mom, I'll order two please.

    Wish I could hug each of you...your so beautiful and handsome!

    Luv your big sis

    My Mom sent these three lumberjacks out one afternoon to cut her a Christmas tree...they came back with a thirteen foot giant tree! Kids can you send one of those my way? And please find me the nicest smelling tree!