• Candy Cane

    Saturday, December 19, 2009

    Candy Canes were the theme of yesterday. The girls and I are trying to do one fun Christmas thing a day. Yesterday it was all about the cane. We made tasty cookies (not quite as good as yours Meg! But I am trying to keep your bro up on all of his 'needs' this Christmas!) In the evening we ate the cookies and read one of our new holiday books.
    The Legend of the Candy Cane. (Kyla; when your book suggestion came I had already ordered this story. So to all of you out there The Legend of the Candy Cane comes highly recommended by two previously home-schooled gals, plus we are both the oldest sisters of a small army of children, in which I am sure we have both spent the majority of our younger years reading to our little siblings! Needless to say we know a good children's story!)

    Of course the evening would not have been complete without the girls having their very first taste of a candy cane. They are hooked for life I fear! It was a fun night heralding the coming weekend.