• Holland

    Monday, December 7, 2009

    As my time in Holland is coming to an end, and sadness is filling me with feeling, I thought I should write before I leave; as an end but also to know this time will never leave if it is stored tight in my memories.

    This trip has been good for me in so many ways. I really have had a hard go these last few months of my pregnancy, It was mentally even harder being so alone in Nigeria. I felt sick, isolated and lonely. To get out of the country and feel better (thank goodness for those drugs!) and then also to be in the ‘outside world’. This combination of drugs and civilisation has made a significant difference in my energy and health but has also lifted my rather lagging spirits.
    This trip was organised last minute and so we experienced Holland differently then any of our other travels. It was a low key, meandering, see where this road leads, trip. It was glorious to have no agenda to overwhelm my week body, but equally as enjoyable as we experienced things that we would not have planned.

    Being able to visit Holland was a trip into my past…so to say. All the foods, sights, the sound of the language, the rustic, cosy way of the streets, homes and shops were so familiar and very comforting. I love this country because of the fondness it makes me feel towards the way I was raised and the heritage I have been given. If you were able to see this country you would know how my mind thinks and feels!

    I have had the chance to enjoy some delights this week that have been desires of mine for as long as I can remember. On my very anticipated, well-celebrated twenty-six birthday, I was able to hear a pipe organ concert. I have let my self indulge in the idea that the magnificent two-hundred year old pipes, that were able to produce pure beauty was planned just for me. It was a moment of perfection in my life, I sat in the loveliest of churches, sun streaming through the stained glass, all was still and then there was the music, familiar songs from my childhood afternoons at my grandparents. For that half hour I was in a moment of perfection, all was right and I was perfectly happy. It will always be a cherished birthday gift.

    Another grand enjoyment that filled my heart was the opportunity to visit some relatives. Being a completely last minute trip I did not think any of my family would have time for a visit, but…NA…(Dutch word for no) not only did I get a visit we were treated royally…the way only Dutch can show hospitality! I spent the morning visiting with my grandmother’s youngest sister and her husband. When I met my Great Aunt I was taken back by the feelings of familiarity. It was as if I had known my Aunt my whole life. With tears we hugged. She looked and moved just like my Grandma, I wanted to hug her more because of how homesick I felt. We also talked as if we had known each other for more then just a few moments. From their house we visited my mom’s cousin and her children who are the same age as my girls. These girls once again are so similar in looks as my cousins in Canada. Oh, it was such a delightful day. I wish I was going for another visit tomorrow and then the next day. I feel blessed to have had this trip, it rejuvenated me and has left me with so many more riches, riches of the heart.

    Ohhhh....The flowers!

    Girls getting goodies from Saint Nicholas and...
    Do you see this crib? I saw it and my heart stoped, not for a second but for such a long moment I felt faint...with pure love. My future flashed before my eyes. Delightful pictures of my babies and my grandbabies to come, angelically sleeping in this most perfect little crib. I could hear the crib calling my name! Unfortunately Roger could not hear the call and thought of all the impracticalities, I think; the idea of buying this crib and sending it to Canada was one of the worst! I fear he is wrong as my future will never be as perfect as it could be with a place like this to lay my darlings! I hope you can hear my heart breaking! I surely can feel it!

    Our park fix. Does Davina look as big to you as she does to me? When did she turn into a little girl?