• Disgusting

    Saturday, October 31, 2009

    So my not so favorite day is upon us. Living on a compound you have to bend some of your rules to be able to live peacefully with your neighbours...here it is about being part of a community of compound dwellers. So I buckled and have joined in with the 'completely against my better judgment' giving of disgusting amounts of candy to children! This is the first Halloween Marion and Davina are apart of...and to tell you the truth it is also my first.

    Our compound invite expat children from all over who do not have a place to trick-or-treat. So we are expecting a couple hundred children tonight. The madness starts with a parade showing off the kidlings costumes. Then the candy rush begins as the sun sets.

    I do admit it is a great excuse to make the girls a cute costume...can't wait to show you tomorrow.

    P.S The girls are almost fully recovered or else they are both very good actresses masking their sickness to be 'well enough' to go out tonight!