• Paris

    Wednesday, October 7, 2009

    Paris. City of lights. I have heard magic is made under the twinkle ambience of this romantic city. And indeed it is true. Every corner, every monument, every building or art gallery entrances you in its beauty and magic. I can now say I have been up the Eiffel Tower, seen the arch-de-triomphe, walked through Versaille, Mona Lisa’s eyes have studied me, I have eaten the best croissant of my life...I have been to Paris! And the richer I am for it. Once again Roger found an enchanting little hotel, our room had views of the Eiffel tower!

    The city was a lot more expensive then I had thought and I nearly fell off my chair a few times...but when in France...Roger still took me out on a date (retirement was put back a few years) I just kept thinking 'I am on date with my husband in PARIS' pinch me now please! It was so romantic...until we walked onto our street and could hear Davina’s cries all the way down the street! Her poor grandparents and their nerves! Note to self; don’t leave Davina! It was a spectacular city and a visit that will be a highlight of my life.