• Time in Provence

    Monday, October 5, 2009

    The sun has finished setting over the Luberon Valley, ending our fifth day with beautiful twilight. We have endeavoured to see as much of Provence as we can. Roger and I are extremely ambitious and are generally ‘see as much as we can see’ type of people. So far we have been to an Abby, an ancient Roman aqueduct, the French Riviera, seven hill towns, a couple castles, half-a-dozen churches, and many miles of country roadside drives, not to mention the abundance of restaurants! We have seen, smelled, heard and tasted the beauties of Provence.

    The French Riviera was interesting...we went to a family beach and was shocked (modest Canadians) to see all the ‘in-the-nudes’ bathing in the sun! The girls loved the warm salt water with stunning Cassis in the view (the rest of us barely could handle the other views...)

    I have loved the hill top towns and all the charm they elude, but for me nothing is quite like quiet country solitude. Our Villa is stunning and has an ethos of summer days of rest and rejuvenation. I cannot hear the buzz of a city or feel the ache of business. I can hear the birds and taste the fresh breeze. I can see the farmers harvesting the grapes in their vineyards. The early fall sun has graced our holiday! The girls are lost to the forest and the secret passageways; their sweet cheeks rosie with play. To me nothing is more perfect then days like these!


    Pont Du Gard Aqueduct


    Around Provence