• Burgundy

    Tuesday, October 6, 2009

    Today in despair we blew kisses to the villa in Provence. I know slivers of our hearts full of treasured memories will linger there for some time! We were on the way to Paris, taking a two-day stop in Burgundy, wine country! I really should not have to say more then ‘France-Burgundy-Wine Country’! As we drove off the highway the rows of delicately organised grapevines stretched as far as the horizon. Every vineyard held a cave advertising family traditions in wine making, each one inviting us to wine taste. And for sure we did!

    Our B&B was lost in a maze of vine rows. The first morning in our tiny village of Aloxe-Corton called me up and out; early enough to witness the sun and mist, mixing its art over the valley. The morning set me walking, I reluctantly returned when the seven am church bells broke through the morning clear. The day stretched long and exciting before us eager tourist. We saw and tasted much! It was a wonderful area of France. And one I am sure to return to.