• Giverny (sheh-ver-nay)

    Wednesday, October 7, 2009

    Monet has had a long-standing place of delight in my life. Since I have been young, his paintings have inspired and delighted me. As long as I can remember his work has been in my room then homes. Over the years more and more of his work has found places in my life...bringing windows of beauty to the blank walls of my home. What a thrill it was to visit his home, gardens and studio. I got to see many places his art was inspired by. Just having the opportunity to glimpse into this master’s life will always thrill me. His gardens, vast, and eclectic were charming and seemed to be taken from a long ago world left only to our imaginations. After my walks through Monet’s garden I carry a much stronger desire to have my own country home with gardens of fragrant beauty. And I concluded that if God were to have given me a special gift I would have wanted it to be the gift of being and artist.