• A Day of Thanks

    Monday, October 12, 2009

    Today is Thanksgiving day for us Canadians.

    North Americans are so blessed. We set a whole day aside just to reflect upon our blessings. That in it’s self is an example of the things we should be grateful for.

    Here are the top blessings of my life

    1: A sizzling hot husband who daily makes an effort to love and cherish me.
    2: A five-year old daughter who is sweet and caring and brings such joy to my life.
    3: A two-year old daughter who brings laughter and excitement to my everyday.
    4: The gift of being able to spend my hours raising my girls.
    5: The gift of seeing the world.
    6: All the people God has given my to call family and friends.
    7: Allowing me to be Canadian.
    8: And the million other wonderful things that make my life so darn amazing!