• Mothering Mondays ~ Making Memories ~ Part 2

    Sunday, March 6, 2011

    Dear Mothers

    Last week I shared some of the special things we do with our children month by month. I wondered if it really was valuable enough of a topic to use space on the Mothering Mondays? I am sure there are many topics that are more important then this one... BUT... When I laid in bed last night, not able to sleep... I began to ponder the events of that day. It was a normal day. A day where I continue to rest allowing my body to heal after my hip replacement... until the afternoon, when I asked the children if they would like to plan the March Party... which is a double party... Purim (Jewish Feast), and our First Day of Spring Party.
    My children’s faces lit... they went and got our " Purim " box with everything from props, to shakers, to home-made scrolls, sceptres etc. They started to reminisce about the parties in the past. They made lists of things to make and add to what we have and most of all they asked if we could invite alot of friends. So we did... and hopefully if they all can come we will have over 30 guests. My children reminded me more then once that this is their FAVORITE feast.
    I am a happy mother! What a wonderful blessing to remember the beautiful story of Esther. I remember in the past how a sweet peace filled our homes for days after, and I sensed God’s kindness upon our home. I am excited. I am grateful that my children are excited.

    So, maybe this is a fine topic to fill the Mothering Mondays Spot... and so... here I am again... desiring to share some of our monthly memories and hoping that it will inspire, or confirm to you that special times at home do strengthen the family bond.

    Lets dive into the month of June.

    The party I remember fondly was one that Rosaleen hosted while visiting us. She told her younger siblings that she would host a party for them and their friends... all they had to do was pick a theme. Well... they chose " A Nature Party"... Again, while they were making all the things for the party, the food and goodie bag’s it kept the children happy for several days. The day of the party was gorgeous and so the games and snacks could all be enjoyed outside in nature.
    From tiny bird nests, scavenger hunts, sketching and lots of yummy snacks... the party was a huge success and two years later, the banner still graces our homeschool wall. I think that pictures are like 1000 words. They will sum up the delightful afternoon.

    July and August... are not always the time for special parties, simply because living where we do and having the hot summer weather is like celebrating day by day. Its a time of horse back riding and dirt biking, taking the small boat with electric motor in our lake or swimming in our pool. It’s a time of picking the many wild flowers, or having a picnic in the untouched wilderness that surrounds us. A time for fishing, for gardening, enjoying new life ~ like calves, baby goats, chicks and ducklings.

    It is a time for collecting 100's of frogs and leeches and making forts and swinging from our many swings and zip line. Its a time for make believe. Playing their log playhouse or travelling in the home-made chuck wagon or perhaps living and preparing your meal in a open fire at the Native Village a little ways from the pioneer home. Or you might be the schoolteacher in the pioneer school lovely decorated in the hayloft of our barn. I love watching the children wash their play clothes in the lake, picking peas, strawberries and herbs to eat, right out of the garden. Summertime is a time of overflowing blessings. The simple things like dirty faces and grins and the many, many bouquets of flowers. They are the two months that fly by quickly!

    September... school again! Happy children, and a happy Mama. We always try to start the year celebrating. This past year, we invited our friends over and had a time of games and our supper bon fire ended up being indoors because it was a very windy day. For dessert, my children baked a sheet cake and then with many colours they 'made' a map of Canada and labelled all the provinces and bodies of water. We also had a time of prayer with our friends, committing the school year to God. A pleasant day, a day that helped my children focus on the privilege of living like they do. I could feel my children changing almost like the autumn around us. Contentment for the satisfying summer they had, and joy to be learning again, knowing that the days of drinking tea and reading many good books was here once again.

    Well, I could go on and on and finish the year telling you more and more stories, capping times we have had as a family... but I just want to use these last few lines to leave you with a nugget from my heart. Children grow up fast... very fast. Making memories is very important and often the thing they remember the longest as adults. Waiting for enough money or this or that will always give you a reason to put it off making a memory. Be creative, resourceful and you will be amazed on how little it took to have a great time with your children.... who will be smiling and loving life!

    Blessing to you all...


    Mother’s you are the guests of honour on Mondays and because you mother, are the giver of gifts, and pour out from your life ~ life to your children. I wish to send you something to let you know you are remarkable! And I know that! I know you often give more then you have to give. Every week I will have a little treasured package carefully chosen out to bless your mothering ambitions. All you must do is quietly slip your name into my inbox and I will fold your name into a draw. On Fridays I will randomly choose one of your beautiful names, then as quickly as I can, get it sent off to balm your long days. Email me at rogerandrosaleen@gmail.com and I would be delighted to add your name to this weeks gift give away!