• Birthday Bakery

    Monday, March 7, 2011

    The girl’s birthdays were celebrated bakery style. The goal was to create a bakery kid height, kid style, with kid bite sized foods.

    The little ladies and I made all the tasties, menu prepared by the celebrants their selves! I covered a piece of wood in drawer liner paper I bought from Walmart for $5.00. It set the background nicely. The flag banners were EASILY made out of tissue paper and a stapler.

    Every guest got a stash of bakery currency...buttons. They enjoyed following the price list! We had a cash register set up. They were able to go and choose out their own goodies and then had to purchase them.

    There was plenty of tempting treats along with decorating and delighting!

    The party favours were aprons. Which the kids and parents loved! I bought the white aprons on Amazon for $2.00 dollars each and then sewed the cupcakes on tot he front. So Easy, So Cheap!

    We had a lovely time and our sweet birthday girls were happy bakers! I must mention two very sweet ladies dashed this birthday with generosity… A dear friend made the little doughnuts and sent them over just before needing me to fry them up. They were a tasty hit, Thank you Amy! My talented friend Lori sent us to Africa with a stash of cupcake toppers she had made! We have had so much fun using them in a myriad of ways that I would like to give some to you also, for more details look up in the ‘gift give-away’ tab on the menu bar.

    Another year down, I pray, many more to come!