• Mothering Monday ~ Love Feast

    Sunday, March 27, 2011

    My day has sailed deep into dark, usually my mind has been long ago set to sleep, yet I am here, new thoughts dancing alert, excited, awake.

    Agape words ~ familiar to many ~ Spiritual love word for friendship between Almighty and us!

    Agape ~ Friendship word ~ written simply ~ Love ~ in his Holy Book.

    This week in my stumbling tired of days alone with babes, my husband ~ friend faraway. Uttering humble prayers for sanity and perseverance and peace ~ I found my soul ablaze with wonder.

    Agape Love ~ translates 106 times ~ Charity.

    Charity ~ Affection, Good Will, Love, Kindness, Brotherly Love, Love Feasts

    I was searching a miracle of divine energy to get through another twilight parenting feat, the holed hour that drains all joy. I keep finding excuses for my exhaustion fuel to my tight inpatient words and actions. Directed to these marvel beauties I love. And I found this meaning of true love that I am so often wasting to the wind of my Mothering emotions. When my parenting perseverance is waning ~ I confess this ~ Agape Loving ~ is far from my spirit.

    When all the world of littles is caving in around me with no obvious escape route, how often I fall steep into impatience and ugly. Am I acting love? There is no doubt I ~ love ~ maternally instinctively! I keep wondering is that really ~ Agape ~

    In chaos ~ affection is first to go, good will stammers stubborn, kindness slivered thin, brotherly love family strife, love feast rather a mangled attempt at surviving the moment.

    Oh receive my repenting tears ~ Heaven ~ Precious Children!

    The miracle of the last days is the revelation that to Love ~ True ~ Agape ~ Charity

    I wish for my Mothering Love only to be expressed Pure and Holy ~ Agape ~ Affectionately, Kindly, setting Love Feast ~ to ~ Agape Love Charity ~ in all things, through all things! All things… the ups the downs the highs the lows the dark and the light.

    The mental turning of my spirit when I think ~ Love Feast, purposefully set, Warm and Kindly now! ~ In this heated, overwhelming Mothering moment ~ Can I Agape? In all things! Right here, Right now!

    Mothering hope is building!

    Today I am determined to gird my Mothering with Agape ~ Charity ~ setting lasting beauty banquets, a Feast of Love!