• Friday Tin ~ Second Round - Less Burnt

    Friday, March 18, 2011

    Guess who just walked through my door (I just have to share)? I was sure he would be off helicoptering somewhere of the coast of West Africa! He walked in just in time to help put the babes to bed, shovel down some food ~ kiss me, of course ~ and now returned valiantly back to the office where his stellar engineering skills are being put to the test! And once I thought engineering was a dull profession! I might not get to have the heart to heart or a long ‘mommy time out’ this weekend…

    But at least he is here!

    And I made another batch of cookies! I sat by my oven to pull the trays out if the temperature started to flail around! They turned out eatable, at least!

    And can I ask you to join hands in prayer for a mother of this community? A warming ~ spirit women has found her life whirling ill. She was taken to the hospital because of a debilitating headache caused by a (then unknown) brain tumour. The pressure of the tumour made her have a seizure. She quickly underwent brain surgery, all in a matter of a day. I can only imagine… this news has bitten bitter sadness, her fight gasped the breath right out of me. She is precious ~ such rare gentleness ~ so deserving of this communities prayer gifts. Will you whisper ~ plead ~ care for her? May we move in tight around her pain, embracing our hearts around hers.

    ~ Thank you ~