• DoDads

    Tuesday, March 29, 2011

    I have come down with the spring sneezes…

    I think my four-year-old computer has come down with a serious slowness virus. Or maybe she just needs to be retired…Right Roger!

    I am pounding away on these uncooperative keys trying to finish this post that I started at five a.m.

    Just a few things that came today that have me feeling happier…

    Handy steel wonders ~ for my little food eater ~ I am graciously trying to share my precious supply of blueberries while he finds joy in watching Mom have a conniption every time he chucks imported blue gold on the floor! (Want Steel Go Here)

    Wood Pencils. Been looking for these for some time. Art bark here!

    Block colours! European quality! Who can say a thrilled adios to thousands of broken crayons! Bella Luna

    And a few things that I am dreaming of…