• Friday Tin ~ Burnt!

    Friday, March 18, 2011

    Fridays tin is… Burnt! My Friday is going south, by the moment, my gas oven is flipping temperatures faster then a hormonal women, dashing between 200 degrees and 500 in thirty seconds or less. Not the nurturing stable environment that my cookies need for thriving! I guess my appliance are having a ‘who can be more dysfunctional’ competition. My usually very co-operative dryer plug decided to stop working, so I have to do a load in the washer then switch the plug over for the dryer. Which means one load in the time it usually takes for two, not so good for the miles of filth hanging out in my laundry room!

    Of course I thought all my worries would be washed away once Roger returned home for the weekends… Which in my mind played something like this… “Oh my beloved and most incredible wife. It is the weekend, where my only plan is to massage your feet and talk from the heart and look deep into each other’s eyes. I will use my super powers to mute our children, wash the dishes and make all the food, you will have a long break, and then to top it of I will watch ‘Little Women’ with you!”

    In actual reality it went something like this… “Enter engineer, and in true engineering style efficiently announces he is going to have to be gone for the weekend, smiles sadly, picks up his ringing cell phone, talks all important for a few minutes, shovels some food, eats a BURNT cookie and…exits the scene!”

    So I guess that it’s friends, burnt cookies, adios husband… oh but such sweet dancing girlies (above)!

    If you would like (and I would like) humour me, any thrilling adventures on the agenda for your weekend? Oh please share the fun!