• Mothering Mondays

    Monday, January 3, 2011

    I sit here with a cup of warm tea and soft music drifting into the silence, I am aware it is early, early enough to have this moment before my children wake. And that is why I am here, before the sun, so that I can meet with you, penning my heart, before the busy begins.

    I have heard a simple desperate sentence so often in the wishing voice of other Mothers, and I have heard its haunt in my own heart many a mothering night, “I feel so alone.” Can you hear that familiar echo? If you are a mother, you will know it, if little children cluster at your feet you will know it, if your children have flown with age you will recall it… it’s an ache heavy with responsibility, constant needs and weariness. Mothering is all consuming! It is the profession where every layer of humanity is grafted. It is personal, unique, and has no formula.

    It can be like fumbling down a dark unfamiliar hallway, but sweet mothering friends I have an idea, maybe together we can hold a torch of light for each other.

    And so I hope to gather you and me and some ‘more’ seasoned mothers who have toiled for some time in the fields of parenting. We can meet here on Mondays, hands down my hardest mothering day, and share. Sometimes it will be tips, the practicalities that make life run smoother. There will be words gifted to strengthen the heartstrings of mothers. There will be wisdom and there will be laughter, and I pray I fight my fear and become vulnerable for you, if it helps you feel less alone. I desire these Mothering Mondays to be a gift. A place you can come, exhausted or exhilarated, and find a familiar face sharing back with you.

    Mother’s you are the guests of honour on Mondays and because you mother, are the giver of gifts, and pour out from your life ~ life to your children. I wish to send you something to let you know you are remarkable! And I know that! I know you often give more then you have to give. Every week I will have a little treasured package carefully chosen out to bless your mothering ambitions. All you must do is quietly slip your name into my inbox and I will fold your name into a draw. On Fridays I will randomly choose one of your beautiful names, then as quickly as I can, get it sent off to balm your long days.

    Well my lovely colleagues, mothering saints, washers of faces, tacklers of laundry, master chefs, guides of life, teachers, healers, listeners and a thousand other titles, I bless you. Thank you for banding with me.
    I will be eagerly waiting next Monday!