• Friday Tin ~ Oliebollen

    Friday, January 14, 2011

    Today is Tin day and I am coming up empty handed.For one we are on an anti sugar berate! Seconds we celebrated New Years a few days late (over last weekend) with friends joining us for our annual oliebollen treat. We filled up plenty on tasties then.

    Thirdly I spent last night fervently fighting some sort of African sickness (which really means torture and tribulation!) And just to find humour in the piteous situation of my well-being, I got a loving and thoughtful call from my Dear Hubs, wondering if I have ever considered moving to Russia!? My sweet and (avoiding a long conversation) reply was “I would go any where with you, DEAR!” Are men not the best? The above situation reminds me of another wife’s humour story of the week. Her being overdue with the fourth baby, sweet husband wonders if she would like to join him on a afternoon hunting trip, mid-winter, north Canada!

    As you can see I am going to be fine, hopefully chuckling my way back to health!

    Happy Friday Friends, oh and mothers today is the last day to join the gift give away for this week (check the ‘gift give away’ tab on the menu bar.)