• Fresh Start

    Friday, January 7, 2011

    This very moment I have two littles asleep and a girlie quietly reading. Which allows me to steal away for a few moments catching up with you. I had ever intention to meet you yesterday and then I started putting all our holiday decorations away, which lead to uncovering layers of ‘harmattan’ dust that needed to be directly escorted out of my home! My main floor got a prompt scrubbing, curtains washed, and pillows fluffed! It feels so good to have the dust under control again. I even rewarded my efforts with a bunch of fresh babies~breath flowers. It must be the Dutch in me, but when the clutter has been tackled (at least for this moment) and all surfaces can be seen with flowers adorning my space, I feel light-hearted and utterly content!

    How about you, have you touched up your home giving a fresh start for your home this New Year?

    I would like to make a little mention that today is the final day to enter the Mothering Gift Give Away (for this week). If you entered this week I sure hope you will enter again next week. Please do not be shy! Your friendship via email are blessings blown from lands far and warm my lonely days. Just head up to the Menu Bar and click the tab ‘Gift Give Away’ and send me a quick note I will be sure to add your name into the draw.