• Covered the Crawlers…and fliers, the creepies and all other six legged critters

    Tuesday, January 11, 2011

    We are back at school, full swing. With semester one under our belt (thank goodness with good reviews from both student and principle) I thought I would share a few pictures of our insect science study we have completed. I realise the need to reinforce the information going into my young scholars mind by finding a way to get it out again, age appropriately. A simple way to do this with younger children is by taking a folder file and write a sentence or two (in child’s words) about the topic you just learnt, have them colour or paste something of the topic. Over the course of the program you are collecting and enforcing the subject learnt. I had Marion work on this at the end of every science lesson and paste it into her folder.

    I love the wonderful title Marion coloured for her folder. This is simple way to keep track of things. I am also using the file folder method for classical music study, art history, and geography. Marion can now see all that she learnt, feel proud of her good work, and it will help her remember what she studied.

    It must be said that I am more then ready to move on from this subject, rid my house of African bugs and attempt to teach something that makes me a bit less squeamish, like...microscopy or light!