• Thinking New

    Tuesday, January 4, 2011

    Are you all getting back into the swing of post holidays? Ahh, yes the cleaning and organizing and reimplementing a schedule. And applying our new resolutions. My only thought on accomplishments for this next year is to read more consistently. Ha, since baby number three made his way into my life reading has been on the slow side. By the time bed time comes I can barley keep my eyes opened! Today I pulled the top books I want to read this next year and placed them by my bed and by the chair I nurse Lachlan.I am hoping this encourages reading, even if it is only in short snippets.Speaking of Lachlan we dressed him up like a Canadian yesterday...his round head looks adorable framed by his hat. Of course after three seconds he was screaming like a hot African! Back to t's and shorts for this boy.

    Because we are kinda on the topic of new things I thought you might like the defition for Beatific

    1: of, possessing, or imparting beatitude.

    2: having a blissful appearance


    Beatific Vission

    The direct knowledge of God enjoyed by the blessed in heaven.

    I love the meaning of this word and think it sums up my desire for not only my blog but my life.
    Thank you to those who emailed sweet words, you are each so precious! And for those who have not yet added your name to recieve a gift, please come and join, we are having so much fun!