• Romance

    Monday, May 10, 2010

    There are times where romance is stilted, such as in the beckoning hills of billowy white cotton sheets craving to be washed on a blustery Monday morn. But beauty can be found often with a tilt of perspective. After the whirl of machines and the folding of lavender scented sheets, carried in a wicker basket to corners of your home. My eyes filled with art, lifting my thoughts and easing them into delightful settings of the home. A gift of Trisha Romance art was given to me by Roger’s mother years ago, my heart was set firm with pleasure. Time and search has uncovered many ‘Romance’ treasures, salvaged from the dusty shelves of a thrift shop, now given a spot on my walls.
    Late this afternoon as I went to make my bed, like a setting in a Trisha Romance painting there I found a blond beauty, dressed in a sequinned ball gown caught in an afternoon dream land, white unmade quilts her clouds. Her face was peace and the moment dazzled with motherly romance.