• Garage Sales

    Saturday, May 22, 2010

    Here are my finds for the week. I spent less then $30.00 and there are some goods in the garage for the man around here. Not bad for the amount of things I brought home! Let me break down the treasure hunt for you. The stools were $2.00 wont the look so cute painted a light green and little feet standing on them? The iron board was bought for $5.00...again...laundry kick!

    I like white, I like milk glass! I bought the two vases for $50 cents and the lamp for $2.00. I can now have similar lamps on both side tables of our bed (I found the other last week at a garage sale.) Do any of you know the American store Anthropology? It is a perfect store...except for the prices! That table clock, is from that store. The original price says $40.00, I paid $1.00!

    I am completely determined not to allow any plastic into my 'House of Dreams' and so my love of old canning jars are kindled with daily use. Today I brought home twelve of the loveliest I have seen, with glass tops and all. Of course they are perfected in the price $1.50 for a dozen!

    Little tea cups for the girls and a beautiful vintage table cloth with napkins were sold to me for $1.00 and a wonderful apron for my kitchen 'helpers' $25 cents!

    These adorable pieces of clothing were bought from a lovely lady who is from France. I spent $10.00 on all five pieces. I love the label name: Mila! I am picturing my sweet Davina running in the linen pieces and leather sandals this summer and then I may have the privilege of seeing a niece wear them soon!?

    And now I must go to put my new finds away.