• Kiss Me Good Night

    Friday, May 21, 2010

    It's late Friday evening, really to late for me to be up posting these pictures. I just thought that because I managed to use my camera with a steady hand today I should have the satisfaction of also showing you around my girlie's room.

    This room had very little that needed to be renovated. We did install the hardwood and refinished the furniture. The neat thing was that I bought the quilts before I saw the paint thinking I would match the walls to the green in the quilts...but the wall matched perfectly. I got the bed for $100 used, and the picture is a cut out from the top of a puzzle box (thrift store of course) I think the picture was very Davina and me...

    The rustic bench was bought from a friend, and the pictures above are cards I have saved and postcards found in Holland, framed. I love how this corner came together.

    The dresser and night stand were Roger's Mothers from her childhood. She has very generously shared them with our little girls. I just love how they look in this room. And I love that the girls have their Grandma's furniture.

    Maybe it is lame to show the laundry baskets, but I love this little touch in the closet.

    I have enjoyed sharing with you little spots from around my home. I am looking forward to posting some pictures of the master bedroom...soon...I hope!

    I am now going to steal kisses from my sleeping daughter's...as Marion says every night at tuck-in, Kiss Me Good Night...