• A little thing called Iron!

    Tuesday, May 4, 2010

    (Again I must mention that the snow started right after I wrote this post. Because of some storm clouds my internet has been down and I am now just able to post what was meant for Monday)

    The dawn has just worked her peace on me and has set my spirits a bit higher. Dawn has always had a the ability to help me see and understand things clearer. I feel hope in the early morning pure; I hear and smell newness that can only be experienced in the welcoming of day. I am joyful this morning that I am in Canada; I am counting my blessing that the sun is bright employing her warmth over my snow covered yard. This morning I am in love with electricity, last week while I was without power for a few days my love affair with modern technology deepened! Though the white of the world was stunning, the cold of my home, the loss of water, light and normalcy had it’s way with my nerves.

    The morning before energy was restored to our part of the mountains I got a very unexpected call from my Doctor, who as kindly as she could informed me that I was severely anaemic (low iron). Because of how low my levels are, my pregnancy was now high risk and that I would have to start a series of unappealing treatments that very morning. She had more then a few fear provoking things to inform me of, the majority of which just fizzled through my ears and shocked my senses. I was unprepared to hear and face all she was saying. When the call ended I stood there and wondered if I had just heard right. Roger and I had this great plan to accommodate all the complications this pregnancy brought up like the location and timing of the birth. The plan thus far had gone smooth, we were on the final two week stretch! All with the exhilarating approach of having another beautiful birth. My mind and heart have been lingering on the sweet anticipation of the birth of our son, coming into the world as the girls had, miraculous and peaceful.

    I have held my breath as we decided where to live, being separated as a family, and now with out power. The tears came freely. Now we had to face some threatening health concerns, for babe and myself.

    Roger took the news like a rock (which I needed) he found all the right words to still my beating heart. He booked a flight and is home once again sweetly taken up the role of caring for me!

    Today we start the process of getting me ‘into the safe zone’, which will involve daily shots, twice weekly blood lab work and blood transfusions. I went to the health food store and bought any and everything associated with healthy blood/iron. I am desperately praying that by a miracle I will be able to avoid the blood transfusions and all the other complications this can cause for the time of birth. I know low iron seems like a simple complication. In my case it is not and threatens the baby’s safety and mine. I am confident in the Lord and his gift of peace and wisdom to guide me through this. I have been quoting every scripture I can to keep my mind ’a’ wondering, and I have cried. This morning peace strengthened me and I sensed I would be okay.

    But if I can ask, will you pray for me today?

    Apparently if you eat three trays of ice a day it is a indication that you might need to stock up on a plethora of iron concoctions!