• Garage Sale

    Saturday, May 15, 2010

    Today I had a delightful romp through others discards. I returned home with a full van and heart. I seem to be having trouble deciding what purchase makes me the most happy, it could be finding another Trisha Romance, or a rose etched dish set with cracks and character for only $5.00! Maybe the bike in which I intend to paint green and add a basket to the front…just like those Europeans! Or the oodles of wooden or vintage toys, but then again it could be those clothespins, because we all know I am on a bit of a laundry kick. Did you notice the large wicker basket the dish set is on? That was found today and there is another smaller basket inside. I am all ready planning my outfit for tomorrow, of course adorned with a ten-cent vintage broach! Finding these treats and spending so little… set my Saturday up to be very pleasurable indeed!