• Gentle Grace

    Tuesday, February 9, 2010

    Some times life can throw you some unexpected nastiness. You know when you feel pre-pared and ready for the things ahead and then something comes out of no where and threatens to knock you out? I have had a week like that. I expected this week to be a little crazy as I am packing to be away from my home for an uncertain amount of time. Organising life for the unexpected is a tad overwhelming to begin with. I was sure that all would get done if I applied my self and worked hard and thoughtful. But this week things have come up that have sapped my focus and energy. Roger and I have been forced into late nights as we have had many decisions to make we were not prepared to be doing this week. All the extra stress has made me have mild contractions for days now and I can not seem to dam my tears. Exhaustion threatens my sanity!

    Every part of me wishes to crawl into bed, cry my self to slumber and wait for the craziness to pass!

    But then, my constant companion reminds me, that there is strength enough in Him to face everything life gives us. In no way do I feel the Lord taking or making things easier or even lifting the weight of the challenges I am facing. It is more that I feel his presence whispering to me to find the strength to come through this stronger. To apply attributes that do not come naturally to me (a specially when under stress)
    Patients, humbleness, forgiveness, gentleness, grace and...joy!
    I wish to say I was perfect and that with a resolution to act out the above was as simple making resolve. But it’s not. Today has been a second by second fight to take hold of my self and discipline it to act as my God wishes. Nothing easy or glamorous about that… today it feels more like jumping off a bridge against my desires!

    During my extreme moments of weakness this morning the Lord reminded me that;

    A women of gentle grace gains respect. Proverbs 11:16 (Message)

    I pray that even as life is blowing me in a certain direction this challenge from heaven will seep strength enough to attempt…

    To be a women of gentle grace…