• On the Eve of Six

    Thursday, February 4, 2010

    I write to you tonight overwhelmed with symptoms of A.P.S. (Attached Parent Syndrome)! I know I have confessed to this syndrome before but today it seems to have being activated full-fledged… I think the trigger is that my oldest daughter is turning six tomorrow!
    Half of me is rejoicing in the six beautiful years which have been graciously given to us. I cannot imagine life any sweeter then when Marion is in my arms, eyes glittering. I ache with thankfulness for every moment that I have had with her. But on the flip side I am emotional, forever having Marion the five-year-old gone.
    Every little thing today beckoned an extra hug and kiss. Her last breakfast as a five year old...that was two or three extra smooches, her last bed-time was smooches in the millions...A.P.S…!
    Tonight she is off turning into a six-year-old while I am left chuckling over the things she said today, on the topic of turning six!

    Marion “When I am six I am going to be so much closer to being a teenager”

    Mom: “Yes that is true, why are you excited about being a teenager?”

    Marion: “ I can bake bread and give it to you with peanut butter when you are sick with having a baby”!

    Mommy: “Any other reason?”

    Marion: “I can read really hard books”!

    Here is another exerts from Marion’s thoughts today.

    Marion: “Mommy, when I am six I am probably not going to need any disciplines...I’ll be so much better because I am older, well maybe some small ones but NOTHING like when I was five!”

    Here is a little moment with Marion herself:

    What was your best part of being five? When I travelled!

    Why are you most looking forward to being six? Losing my teeth...getting to do new school things and spending more money (she starts getting allowance now).

    I am very excited because my Mommy said I get a really great presents and I cannot wait to know what it is. I am excited to finally have a Royal Ball, I have been wanting one for soooo long! We are going to dance and EAT!

    Marion made such a great five year old. I am sure six will be better. She seems to grow more delightful every year!

    I think I am going to go tend to my A.S.P by reminiscing my evening away!