• Prep…Prep…Prep!

    Tuesday, February 2, 2010

    Everyday my girls come up with another thing to incorporate into their ‘Royal Celebration Ball’. This morning I finally had to tell Marion and Davina that we would never be able to accomplish all they wanted to unless the ‘Royal Ball’ lasted till midnight! Marion’s eyes widened with delight as if that was the grandest solution to her currant time dilemma. And Davina asked if at midnight she would turn into a mouse (my guess is she got that from the Cinderella movie?!) We then had a very ‘frank’ talk about how this ball was not going to be like in the movies and that it was only going to last a few hours. Talk about bursting two little girl’s Royal bubble! They have come to terms with the currant plans…I hope to still wow them with all the glitter and lace I have been using these last few day!

    And now excuse me as I have about a mile still to run in my glass slippers before this ball is fully put together!