• Coloured Comforts

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    Last night Roger took me to a shoe store and insisted I buy new shoes…a girls dream? Maybe, except there were two major requirements surrounding Roger’s generosity.

    Stipulation # 1: They must be the right size.

    Stipulation # 2: They must be comfortable…padding and all.

    Here I must confess an ugly truth of mine. I am a ten dollar, Walmart shoe buyer who very rarely buys the right size of shoe for me feet (you can’t get picky with sizes and such when buying ten buck shoes!)

    Roger on the other hand has ‘challenged feet’ and needs to buy high quality, extra support, fancy-dancy break the bank type of shoes. Along with his ‘specially required shoe’ he sees a foot Dr. regularly, invests in insoles the price of my right arm and exercises his feet daily!

    Obviously there is a slight difference between this happily married couples feet. Roger has been trying to get me into a pair of ‘old lady’ shoes for nearly a decade. Last night we went to a discount-high end shoe store selling everything from Channel stilettos to Neutraliser pumps. Basically it was a shoe store selling quality shoes at a fraction of the price. I was overly sceptical that I would find comfy styling shoes and overly reluctant to spend more then a few bucks on a single pair. But with Roger’s won’t part with my money unless for a good cause-inspector gadget investigation of the comfort level of each shoe I touched. I managed to buy three pair of heaven on my feet! I am won over my friends…comfort shoes are where it’s at! Today my pallets, feet and mouth, are enjoying colourful comforts!