• Bithday Day

    Wednesday, February 24, 2010

    We had such a fun day yesterday celebrating the life of Davina. We attempted to fill it with things she loves. We took her on a train ride...in the freezing cold and rain! We are such committed parents! Davina was delighted as trains are still her thing. For dinner we headed for warmth into the perfect for three year old restaurant. It had floor to ceiling, wall to wall fish tanks. She received a dolly from us in which she named (all on her own) Shallana, a Harold the helicopter to add to her Tomas the Tank Engine set, and a story book of her life, made by me. Every time I attempt to be crafty I realize how little of a perfectionist I am. Though this book is completely from another planet then perfect, it made a memory and created many delighted smiles from our dear Davina. My Favorite page is the 'Daddy and Davina' page, Roger wrote Davina the most tear jerking love letter!

    A lovely day starting another lovely year with our three year old.