• Off to the Cape

    Thursday, February 10, 2011

    I am off again. This time we are heading down to the Cape. This families, first sojourn to South Africa. We first had plans to go to Egypt, well, then we changed ideas and had booked a place in Mombasa Kenya, and then I saw a few pictures of White Sands Villa on the Cape, It was then officially set, firm in my heart!

    I had a few intense requirements. Fresh Ocean air with a chair facing it (with me in it of course!) By the sounds of it I will be getting both!

    Six months in Lagos is a sure way to earn a holiday. And I am counting the moments…

    I have a feeling holiday mood is going to set in fierce once I see,smell and hear the sea, so I am going to let ‘holiday time’ guide my blogging. It might be a week or so until we meet again unless I can not withdraw from writing for that long. Words are a way I store treasures.

    May I ask that we close up this week’s Mothering gift a day early? If you are interested in receiving this week’s Mothering gift (information in the ‘gift give-away’ tab on the menu bar) please add your name today so I can send the gift tomorrow before I leave. You are so very gracious and sweet.

    I will be thinking of you, Dear friends!