• Friday Tin ~ Birthday Sprinkles

    Friday, February 4, 2011

    A layer of fine sugar powders my kitchen with festives. Colours and sprinkle, laughter and anticipation are spilling into our home. Sweetness, her self is changing ages, six going on seven! I am wondering if I can do this…kiss that six-year-old good-bye! I ache with thanksgiving and wonder at the grace of seven whole, healthy, full years.


    She is simply exquisite!


    A large and heartfelt thanks needs to be said to a very dear and always generous friend Laurie, who hand made the ~ M ~ a crown for Marion’s cake. I am sure she will take orders for any celebrations in your life…you should see the ones she has made for Lachlan’s 1st birthday!

    With my mind in gift giving mode, can I mention to all you incredible Mother’s, I would love to give you a gift! I am incredibly grateful to the women who have been my friends and companions on this Mothering road, I would be thrilled to meet you and call you friend. Please email me at rogerandrosaleen.blogspot.com. I am always up for a chat with one of you! I would love to hear from you tonight, so I could enter your name for a chance to receive this week’s Mothering gift!