• Mothering Mondays ~ Serving Fully

    Monday, February 7, 2011

    It has been a long week. I feel exhaustion in my bones. Weariness falls heavy, awkward, a stumbling block around my daily activities. Last night I craved sleep, restlessness the thief of my peace. I wondered in those dark hours why last week the same motions took little effort and now moments later everything seems dismal. I cried and prayed, and felt the wonder of giving and giving untill the seams of life furl. Heaven gracefully whispered soul wisdom,

    ~ Sometimes the cup spills empty ~

    The Mothering gift withers, dries, cracks and in the parched hours of giving, we panic. Mother’s have you ever dared the impossible, manipulate ways to run below the empty line? Eventually does it catch up ~ our
    ambitions halted? Our grip slips, and feelings of emptiness scratch our soul.

    Life tells us it is TIME to slip away, ease back, shut the door for a few hours, steal away, go searching for refreshment. Our cup needs filling!

    Dainty china, my favourite piece, detailed by hand brushed strokes, reminisce of years slipped away. Beautiful porcelain used thin, no longer able to cup purpose. I display her in my visual, a daily reminder that use ~ wears. Something delicate needs to be cherished, maintained, occasionally refurbished. A moment of solace preserves spirit, your kaleidoscopeing beauty.

    We all have a place that makes our hearts sing. For some it will be a daily five-minute fill-up, or feet meeting pavement in the early mornings, a long walk drinking the scenes of nature, Starbucks latte, uninterrupted dinner date, annual weekend alone…

    We all need a place to rest, heal, and recover. We need the mending of busyness, an escape from giving.

    BUT ~ BUT ~ BUT

    I lament with you, lets echo each others excuses, the funds have run dry, children are sick, they need us, we have no babysitter, there is that growing mound called laundry and oh…I do not deserve it!

    Did you know that every force of nature has moments of rest, winter slumbers the burst of warm months, rain quenches parched lands, birds sit while rest births life, and a rainbow marries storm and sun. This is the ebb and flow of natural Mothering. Realizing that we give, and give and then we must ~ must pause, replenish ~ store up, so we can return capable to the demanding job of Mothering.

    We can not serve empty!

    Do we really want to?

    Fuel life ~ by choosing to rest; in respect of our role as a Mother and the person behind that title ~ You!

    Mother’s you are the guests of honour on Mondays and because you mother, are the giver of gifts, and pour out from your life ~ life to your children. I wish to send you something to let you know you are remarkable! And I know that! I know you often give more then you have to give. Every week I will have a little treasured package carefully chosen out to bless your mothering ambitions. All you must do is quietly slip your name into my inbox and I will fold your name into a draw. On Fridays I will randomly choose one of your beautiful names, then as quickly as I can, get it sent off to balm your long days. Email me at rogerandrosaleen@gmail.com and I would be delighted to add your name to this weeks gift give away.