• Timothy

    Wednesday, August 26, 2009

    I have wondered what I would write for my next post after sharing about Timothy…
    Early this morning, long before day broke along the horizon, long before the call to wake came for another day.
    I woke, my body tired, my mind and heart were active, wandering through emotions, memories, plans and prayers, I wondered again what I should write…then all the loving letters, emails, comments that you sent came rushing into my thoughts bringing comfort and encouragement. I want to thank you, each of you, for the love you placed around us. The last few days we have felt your breath giving us strength. Thank you…these words seem small but they come from the deepest parts of gratitude!

    Timothy Andrew Duits
    Age: (Almost) twenty-four.
    Number three in the line of the eleven Duits children.
    Characteristics: hilarious, gets a kick out of teasing his sisters and mother, a deep feeler, loves to talk,
    Job: Owns and manages a landscaping company.
    Drives: a huge black truck that sounds really loud…
    Loves: God, his family and expensive jeans
    Music: as eclectic as his character
    Timothy has two brain tumours, both in very complicated parts of the brain.
    Has slow growing cancer.
    Waiting for treatment plan
    In the mean time he is sticking close to God and family…we all talk every day (with God and each other).
    Tim continues to tease us Duits gals…like yesterday when he called my parents and got his eleven-year old sister on the phone…I heard it went something like this

    Tim: “Oh good, I needed to talk to you Kate…”
    Kate: “ya, what about”
    Tim: “I think we should rob a bank…ya’know grab a load and run…”
    Kate: “ well Tim, morally that would be very wrong, also your really not that fast of a runner”
    Tim: “Good job Kate you just passed ‘temptation to rob a bank’ test!”
    Kate: “Tim, your something else”
    Tim: “Yep. A really fast something else”!

    Later that evening he called me to order a couple flapjacks…