• Dear Daddy

    Wednesday, August 5, 2009

    Dear Daddy,

    I am miserable with out you. When you are gone I feel as if the world is not right. My tears are plenty and very big. All the fun things in life are dimmed with out you to share them with. My thoughts are preoccupied with questions of where you are. I do not like been left behind…you know how much I would love to go on the helicopter with you and work on a big ship that makes lots of noise, and I would really love to sleep on the bunk bed with you. It would be my dream Daddy! I just can not understand why I was left behind! I sing to you all day, I talk to Mommy about you ALL day, I cry a lot for you, I love you that much! Please come home soon!

    Love your Davina Rose

    Kithed and translated by Mommy.