• Play Time

    Saturday, August 8, 2009

    We are in the middle of a wonderful weekend...Roger was away alot the last few weeks so took a Friday to play with his girls and let me off 'duty' for a few hours. In which I went to a wonderful pantry sale and found some great things that made me happy. A whole bunch of Martha Stewart Home, Martha Stewart Food magazines, a dozen or so readable books, a lovely large white cake stand. I came home a happy gal to find two happy little gals playing with their Daddy.

    This is a hospital Marion set up this morning...looks so happy and bright...wish they all were like this....

    Waiting room.

    Flowers on every bed side!

    And if all those pictures of hospitals don't make you a little woozy how 'bout a couple hundred ants annihilating drops from Davina's dinner? Of course you can not see the stream of ants in en route...there we billions...BILLIONS PEOPLE!

    Have a great weekend!