• Real Food

    Saturday, August 1, 2009

    Saturday morning fresh juice.
    tomatoe/cabbage/garlic---carrot ginger---apple cucumber.

    I thought I would try to redeem myself as a health nut. After all the delicious postings about the wonderful junk I have been making...you must all be wondering where the real Rosaleen has gone?! Behind the scenes of all those tasty bakes, this is what goes on.

    10 kilo tomatoes
    5 kilo cucumbers
    10 kilo carrots
    6 heads of lettuce
    1 bunch leeks
    1 kilo green peppers
    1 kilo red peppers
    1 kilo bok choy
    1 kilo red/white onions
    1 kilo garlic
    1 large green cabbage
    10 large avocado
    bag of cilantro
    bag of parsley
    bag of basil
    bag of dill
    bag of mint
    1 bunch spring onions
    5 kilo grapes
    3 large pineapples
    2 large papaya
    5 large mango
    60 apples
    40 oranges

    That is my produce list for the week, and that is what we consume! Yummy!