• Whole Wheat Bread

    Wednesday, April 6, 2011

    I have been working on tweaking my Mother’s oh-so-easy-staple bread recipe.
    My problem with Whole Wheat is that the bread is so heavy that little kids do not seem to enjoy eating fibered bricks, regardless of how healthy it may be for them!.
    I have thought about using gluten, dough enhancer or xanthum but feel that all these ingredients are unnatural additives. And would rather find my way around using them. I did some googling and found that eggs, molasses and ginger (will not flavour your bread) are all yeast activators. And truly help in the fluffing! I realise that yeast is not the healthiest thing on the block ~ in my humbled opinion so would life be without fresh warm bread ~

    Whole Wheat Bread

    ½ C. Coconut Oil
    ½ C. Honey
    1 TBSP Salt
    1 TSP Powdered Ginger
    1 TSP Molasses
    3 Eggs
    2 ½ TBSP Dry Active Yeast
    Place the above ingredients in a bowl of a mixing machine (this will make four loaves so half this recipe if using a kitchen aid) (or if you are mixing by hand put in a large bowl).

    Then add
    5 C. Warm Water
    Cover the top of your bowl with a cloth or lid until the yeast has fluffed up.

    Now slowly add your flour.
    I start with a 3 cups white flour.
    Then add the rest as Whole Wheat.
    Add one cup at a time
    Once you have added about 10 cups of flour start adding flour by the ¼ or ½ cup. Very slowly. You are looking for the dough to stop sticking to the sides of the bowl. The trick is making sure it is ‘cleaning’ the sides while still keeping the dough sticky. The softer the dough the fluffier the cooked bread.
    Once your dough is to this stage let your mixer kneed the dough for four minutes, this activates your yeast.

    Now turn your dough onto floured surface and round into one large ball. Cut into four equal parts and form into loaf shape. Place gently into greased bread pan (or tray for buns or pizza crust) Now let your dough rise until double in height. Preheat oven to 350 when placing your dough into the oven be very gentle, by shaking your loaf you risk having your dough go flat. Then you will need to let it rise again.

    Bake until it is browning and the top sounds hallowed if you were to ‘knock’ on it.