• Mothering Monday ~ Youth

    Monday, April 4, 2011

    Mother’s I grace plea, my day drifted steadily away from these pages, the mooned hour of this day is finally affording me hushed peace.

    ~ Quiet enough to meet you ~

    There has been a weekly growing Mothering voice, looming awkward with the uncertainty of parenting a Teenager.

    You know and I know I am not the experienced voice. And am very aware of my ignorance on this topic, and fear anything I write today may arise tangibly in the future to haunt my parenting of teenagers!

    May I proceed humbly, requesting Grace?


    I think on these years of my recent adolescents, and shutter at the knowing intensity of youth ~ forming, trepid voice,thoughts and hormones. It is a pregnancy like journey ~ a stretching slow growth of daily experiences birthing maturity. Deadly deep passageway fit to make capable the weight of adulthood. A time when everything hinges on the past and present colliding into a hoped future. It is a waiting game of challenges.

    And requires the utmost Grace from Heaven Gifted Parents.

    When your teenager was a puking -pooping darling baby growing oh so sweetly into a messy challenging two-year-old, and you were years behind on sleep, showering and sanity. What gave you the incredible capacity to love that little demanding tyrant?

    I have come to know deep with in the sad rebellious tears of lost youth ~ they all alike ~ crave and require MORE tangible Love then in their baby years.

    They need brilliant lighthouse beams of Love cutting the fog of adolescents ~ a deafening, constant, guiding warmth ~ Love ~ Love ~ Love.

    Some teens will be sweet crowned glory of the last years under your mothering wings, others rip the core of your pride. But both need the same amount of Grace heaped Love barricading the fragility of these years.

    They need your eyes sparkling unconditional ~ Love ~ They need your heart every Mothering beat ~ Love ~ They need those weighted words your lyrics of ~ Love ~ They need your humbled honest humanity ~ Love ~ They need your silent prayers every desperate cry ~ Love ~ they need your time a most precious exchange of ~ Love.

    They need to know what makes them ~ them ~ while they are yet still piecing all their uncertainties together. And they need you to WANT to do this, humbly and wisely ~ Graced Love ~

    They need your life mannerisms to shout I LOVE YOU!

    When it seems there is no point and they turn their shrugged, cool, defiant shoulder at your Love ~ Love them again. When they fly through their tests of adolescent initiations ~ Love ~ when dark ugly prevails and loss is gripping tight ~ Love.

    Love is the only way!

    Love will lead you straight into the heart of your changing babes.

    Love ~ come sun or storm.

    And for the nuggets ~ pebbles if I may…

    Keep your teens fulfilled at home ~ ethos of pure lovely fun ~ a crave for home is safest for youth.

    Keep your youths day purposeful. Let them experience maturity. Work teaches value of time. Accomplishment births satisfaction, satisfaction a safety net of confidence.

    Keep compassion hot under these cool selfish years, that poverty is more real then hollywood, let less preach gratefulness. Serve along side them.

    Earn your respect. Your youth can see right through you, Each parent needs Grace returned. This is the season for their eyes of insight to parallel yours ~ frightfully exposing I know ~ Respect gains Respect.

    Above all flavour every encounter with your fleeting babe ~ generously in Love!