• Friday Tin ~ Slow Sweetness

    Friday, April 1, 2011

    Is it Friday? Can I dare wish a weekend? Maybe hints of a husband?

    This week I stole away to slowness, manage life ~ just as it came.

    My computer was slow and so was my spirit.

    I hushed busy, knowing my need to taste my girl’s laughter, spread manicured love ~ smother my Babes alabaster rolls in lip brushed affection ~ stretch my heart around their seemingly overnight changing beauty.

    I wanted to grieve news of a friend’s battling illness road ~ which lies daunting ahead.

    My sister suggested a caloric weekend of eatable delight ~ Sweet Sis, what were you thinking sharing such a recipe!? My taste buds are rejoicing ~ my mid-section…

    This weekend has us placed under strict non-movement. Nigerian Elections!

    Such a reason to slowly saviour this weekends promise of sweetness...