• Roger's Post

    Friday, January 22, 2010

    I think it has been almost 2 years since I put up a post so I thought I'd put some pictures up of what I do while Rosaleen is making gorgeous dresses for the girls.

    My second home.

    Overhauling a gas turbine. These are the same turbines used on a Boeing 747; we just stick a gas compressor on the end and bolt it down instead of hanging it from a wing.

    Typical scene driving to the heliport. People lining the streets everywhere, precarious electrical poles and dilapitated vehicles.

    We live on Victoria Island and to get to the airport we drive across Ikoyi Island then Lagos Island, then take the longest bridge in Africa called the "Third Mainland Bridge", to the mainland. This is where it starts to get really crazy. The airport and heliport are another 30 minutes away. All along the bridge you can see the buildings creeping up into the Lagoon to where it almost looks like their floating. I wish I could take a better picture of this to show the vastness because its quite a sight. Take this picture and put it side by side 50 times and you'll get an idea of how far this streches on for.

    Coming off the bridge onto Lagos Island.

    Our house doesn't look quite as good on the outside as Rosaleen makes it look on the inside, but it's home! Our flat is the top two floors on the left.

    Davina saying hi to our neighbours.

    Marion likes to take pictures while we're in the car. Here are some of her 'snaps' (as they're called in Nigeria). It gives you an idea of our neighbourhood.