• Clumsy

    Saturday, January 9, 2010

    Alright, so I have had an uninteresting week. What fun is there in cleaning? I did get my house spring worthy, even if my baby protested every bend and lift! But unfortunately nothing worth taking pictures of, so I do not have much to share about my week. I am slightly bored right now and I thought maybe I would watch a movie but the only fun thing about watching TV is having Roger rub my feet, and with him occupied I opted for writing instead. Because I have no new interesting thing to share about my week I thought I would whisper my secret story of what has been making me laugh all day. Earlier Marion wanted me to share stories from when I was growing up “that I have never heard before” were her exact words…

    Here is what she got from my past. Her Mother was a Klutz!

    I was an awkward child; I was skinny and tall with limbs unpaportional to my age or weight. As an adult my claim to my klutzyness was due to the fact that I grew too fast and my brain could not keep up with the added inches on my arms and legs. Of course this is not true, but it makes me feel better. Growing up we always set the table nicely for dinner, glass dishes nice napkins, except for me. I had to eat off of plastic dishes until I convinced my parents to please let me eat off nice dishes… on my fourteenth birthday! If I touched glass it would break! My Dad even made me eat with plastic cutlery because I dropped them so often in a meal the clanging metal drove him nuts…that’s something, as I cannot remember table times being quite, with nearly a dozen people at any given meal! Comments from my family like “Okay Rose we are in an empty room with a flat floor, do not trip”! Or if we were in a crowd nearing a busy stairwell “ lets wait until these people clear past, we don’t want Rose to trip and set them all tumbling down”. Now these comments might sound like teasing, but they were said in all honest and concern for others or my safety!

    The best story I can remember that illustrates my claim to klutz fame is when I was around ten years old. I had broken one of my thumbs falling UP the stairs; I was given a large metal protector to cover my thumb and then bandages on top. For a klutz a six-inch protruding thumb did nothing but increase the level of awkwardness. Now my older brother who was such a genius convinced me one afternoon to take a short cut home on our bikes (why I was ever allowed to ride a bike let alone ride a bike with a broken thumb I do not know!) The problem with this short cut was that it was along a very busy street in which us children were forbidden to ride or walk along. Now I want to say I was so starry eyed of my big brother I would have followed him to the ends of the earth. I never even questioned his judgement. And I had nothing to do with deciding to completely disobey my parents…It was all Jason’s idea…I promise you Dad…that is the truth! So as the story goes, we were riding along this forbidden road, Jason attentive and fast and me well… I wondered into to daydreaming and while looking at the beautiful blue skies I rode into a telephone pole and fell onto the busy street, broken thumb and all! Thank goodness the oncoming traffic was able to avoid hitting my shiny red cruiser bike and me! The problem was I hurt my other thumb, but Jason being the genius he is convinced me once again to buck it up and never ever tell our parents what had happened. He warned me of the licking we would surely get upon any confession of this breach of obedience that had just occurred! Well once again (DAD) it was all Jason’s doing, I was just the innocent little sister! I concealed the pain until evening when no longer could I hide my three times the size swollen hand. I confessed and my parents took me to the clinic to find out I had broken my other thumb! I recall still getting a mighty good licking, but the two bandaged thumbs in six-inch braces that had to be worn for six weeks, was the ultimate punishment!

    I have (or so I like to think) out grown my previous disability. I am still hopelessly starry eyed for my older brother and would follow him to the ends of the earth! Luckily he has truly turned into a genius… and would never ever let me ride a bike! Would you not follow someone who looked as rugged and brave as this guy?