• Day Dreaming

    Wednesday, January 20, 2010



    Living Room

    Master Bedroom

    Master Bathroom

    Girls Rooms

    Laundry Room


    Mud Room

    I have been extremely preoccupied with day dreaming of how I will decorate my 'House of Dreams'! Roger has been a darling putting up with every conversation dominated by my ideas for our new home. He has even sat for a few hours flipping through magazines with me! The pictures above are my favourite 'feel' for a home. After living in dark apartments these last years I am craving light, bright and airy! Our new home has many similar 'bones' as the pictures above. With a tad creative touch (and a few man-hours from my Dad and Bros) my 'House of Dreams' will be all the romance and dreams that have been festering in my heart for years!

    Many of you have asked questions about or future plans. I will try to answer some of them.

    We did not return to Canada to view our 'House of Dreams' my sister Katherine and husband Josh along with Josh's Mother viewed the home for us and sent us about a billion pictures. We obviously trust them. The house has everything that we wanted and more so we felt safe buying with out 'seeing' it. We had full inspections done and the report came back...Perfect!

    We are not moving back to Canada permanently...yet...The girls and I return to Canada for the spring and will stay until the baby is robust enough to move to Nigeria. We then hope on staying in Nigeria another year until next spring or fall. Of course this can all change...as expats in Nigeria you take one day at a time!

    We have not sold our other home...yet... we want to wait until the spring as it is much easier to sell a suburbia home when the trees are in bloom and Calgary looks a bit fresher.

    I hope that covers most of your questions. I am counting the days until I can be in my new home with my new babe!

    Luv Rosaleen