• Mothering Under Holy Wings

    Wednesday, October 23, 2013



    I so often hear the weight of others heart, they talk over the phone, coffee or email. They say the things of my own thoughts. How walking this path of motherhood is not easy or glamorous, not sure their cut out for the demands of Mothering full time. Some spill their tears at home school support groups, all the weight of parenting and educating loaded in their hearts.

    How I can understand.

    There are swarms of concerns we Mothers carry.

    This summer looking into the Fall and the bold day marking the first of the education calendar, that little box with a start date in the corner got me flustered right down deep.

    How to do it?

    One Mama, Five littles.

    Grade five, Grade one.

    A three year-old and two toddling one year-olds!

    Every Year starts this way,

    Me questioning how.

    When the days start before the sun and the moon is high by the time sleep returns like a comforting friend. When a list of to-do's carries from one day to the next.

    And I spend my nights awake with my youngest who's past of neglect robs her peace of sleep. And the tears and the restlessness keep us both awake from 1a.m till 5a.m and the alarm signals a new day at 6a.m

    My cumbersome feet and heart make it's shuffle in the early a.m and I stand in front of my fridge, there a prayer hangs, and I chant it over and over until I believe it's words.

    Courage comes slipping in gently like the dawn.

    And my troops awake eager and lovely and full of life.

    And the day journeys on.

    And I falter.

    Because navigating between toddlers wants and needs, wondering at the fine line between grace and giving in.

    Latin and Laundry,

    Fractions and Food,

    By the end of my day my limbs tremble from exhaustion.

    My heart loves this life, my kids undertow, teaching and living all together.

    Yet my wants and expectations, speak a testimony of frustration.

    This is how God spoke to me, through the weakness of my own heart.

    He is teaching me, ever so patiently through another school year, that it's about His holiness, empting me into Him and trusting him that obedience to Him is the fruit. Not my expectations coming to fruition or my lofty goals accomplished.

    Another sunrise was the sanctuary for my weak heart, willing to surrender this year to God.

    When the fears and tears were shed, Grace came in peace and whispered this pray, for me to script into my heart, a pray to meditate on and turn to when the challenges arise.

    It hangs on my fridge

    It's my anthem

    a call to bring me back to that sunlit morning when God showed me it's about Him

    choosing me to lead his precious young.


    My Anthem

    Mothering under the shelter of God's holy wings

    I am a extension of Heaven to my Children, the first face of God displaying the tender mercies of His Grace.

    I walk humbly unto Christ as I lead my littles into His ever loving and open arms.

    The Spirit of God will dance over us and be among us as the Holy Spirit is welcomed into our home.

    May I always be first looking to the cross and then unto things around, focused on beauty, bringing life and love to the hearts and lives of my Family.

    By Grace and echoing all that is gifted through the cross may I display Love, Tenderness, Graciousness, Patients and Peace.

    May the words my children hear be the sincerity of pray, the gracious of tongue and the holy whispers of Divinity.

    May all things of my heart and home be a

    Holy and Pleasing Sacrifice

    My Father and My Lord.

    Sweet Mothers,

     Find your own anthem, lyrics God has spoken to your spirit.

    Every company focused and with purpose has a mission statement.

    A Declaration

    that holds them fast

    steadies and guides.

    Your most sacred role is sheparding the young, leading them to God.  

    Have a declaration

    a prayer

    your purpose


    So you can see and be reminded of your magnificent role as a